Petrol in a diesel car

Wrong fuel? Contact us

Wrong fuel

Mistaken in your fuel? have you put in your engine the wrong fuel? we can fix it

Fuel doctor

All vehicle fuel systems can be drained by our fuel doctor system.

Quick service

We have the quickest service. We are experts in the sector with many years of experience

Wrong fuel in car

Wrong fuel in a car isn’t discovered at the pump. Sometimes your see it later

Petrol in diesel engine

It must be done by a suitably qualified engineer with the correct specialist equipment.

The Truth Behind the Wrong Fuel in a Car

If you put the wrong fuel in your car there is a solution!

Petrol in a diesel car

Putting petrol in a diesel car may hurt the fuel system that your car has if not handled it correctly. When the petrol mixes with diesel acts similar to a solvent, making a thicker fuel losing lubrication and causing damage to the pump as the metal parts that comes into contact and holds together.

Fuel doctor

Fuel Doctor

Help, wrong fuel in my car! Let’s be honest, at some point we’ve all heard our friends or anybody complain about putting the wrong fuel in their cars. We have a system which handles any type of situation.. Just call us and we will send you a fuel doctor

Fuel Drain

Drain before you drive: Don’t risk it at all, just ensure the car is completely drained of every wrong fuel first and then filled with the right one before you kick start the engine again.

They solved my issue in seconds. I called they said to not worry because they will fix it. After a bit they came and did everything in a professional manner. I recommend this guys 5/5
Kevin C.
Kevin C

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